Once upon a space, deep in vacuum times of outer sound universe, fragments of infinite memories were gathering, compressing, reaching a boiling point, creating a Big Sound Quake. It exploded and diffused memories in nano dissipated fragements, displacing them through space-time continuum. Cinezoo is on quest to find valuable fragments that will help them to rediscover lost scattered stories hidden within memories.

Cinezoo are dynamic duo, group consisting of video/sound artist/performer Joao Bento and sound designer/composer/sound director Vladimir Rakic. Aside from colaborating in differrent artistic disciplines (theater, film, game, installations), Cinezoo is pure musical project, investigating borders of sound storytelling.
Visual Music? Non – Music? Cinema for Blind? All that together and more? Or none at all?

João Bento (1980) Portugal, lives in Berlin and Montemor-o-Novo. Since 2004 compose and perform sound for performances, experimental films and video live acts
( http://www.canalzero.net). The work articulates analog instruments and amplified sound objects, used in multimedia/multidisciplinary context. Graduated in Visual Arts at ESAD, Caldas da Rainha /Portugal. Trained improvised music with the musician Greg Moore and Theremin with Pamela Kurstin.

Vladimir Rakic (1974) lives in Amsterdam, Holland and he is active as composer and performer in a field of electro-acoustic music. His work has gone through different phases from tape collages&manipulations until now where he explores improvised music/ instant composition through self-generated digital music, virtual circuit-bending, noise, location recordings, live sampling in the context of live cinema, performance art, sound
instalations. Graduated in 2005 at Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht applied music composition and electro-acoustic composition. Member of sensesurgery.